The Fijian Caucus was established in 2004.

Mission Statement:

To foster the spirits of understanding and cooperation among Fijian Christians, and enhance Christian activities in a wider field and promote our social, moral and spiritual welfare.
    To articulate the concerns, interests and needs of its members in all levels of church activities.
    To advocate on behalf of its members any recommendations or resolutions that may be submitted before any Boards or Agencies of the United Methodist Church.
    To co-ordinate any Fijian language programs and activities at the California-Nevada Annual Conference Session.
    To encourage full participation of its members in all aspects of the life of the church.
    To promote the development of programs that advocate the use of relevant Fijian language ministries at all levels of the church.
    To ensure that its members are well informed in the structure and functions of the United Methodist Church.
    To cooperate with and support other ethnic caucuses for empowerment, self-determination, and development for effective ministries and promote inclusiveness.
    To preserve, maintain and share the Fijian cultures and values with other ethnic groups
    To work together for the good of the total church – United Methodist and ecumenical.
    To promote and assist in any leadership development program at any Fijian congregation or fellowship in the United Methodist Church, in-order to enhance the proper management of their members.
    To assist in any development program for small and newly established congregations or fellowships.

The Pacific Islanders Ministry Plan:

In 2008, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church responded to a petition from the Pacific Island United Methodist community with a vote to adopt The Pacific Islanders Comprehensive Plan for Ministry Study, (Study) designating the General Secretary’s Table to act on the following mandate:

The study will
(1) research and study the needs in Pacific Island communities;
(2) develop recommendations to address these needs; and
(3) establish priorities on the funding of programs that would begin to develop ministries in the communities that would reach Pacific Islanders Americans.
These findings would be presented as recommendations to the 2012 General Conference. Funding and administrative oversight for the Study leading to final preparation of a ministry plan was assigned to the General Board for Global Ministries.
The Comprehensive Plan for Pacific Island United Methodism represents the first comprehensive Plan submitted to the General Conference of The United Methodist Church seeking The United Methodist Church’s affirmation and support of Pacific Island United Methodists effort to strengthen their growing ministries and discipleship of Jesus Christ in the United States and globally.
Fijian Caucus Representative in this Comprehensive Study were:
Simione Bikai (President)
Inoke Qarau (Secretary)
General Conference 2012 passed a comprehensive plan for Pacific Islander ministry in the United States. The plan was developed over a four-year period by a committee staffed by Global Ministries, which is administering the work of the new entity.
The four year study explored ways to empower Pacific-Island United Methodists to fully participate in the life of The UMC and be agents of Christian love and service within the world community; enable Pacific-Islander United Methodists to navigate their faith life in their new surroundings, incorporating their gifts from their respective island homes with appropriate resources in their new home; join all members of The United Methodist Church in bringing different and diverse gifts to the table; and affirm the common heritage of Pacific-Island people.